CSP Care and FAQ


How many pads will I need?

That depends on how heavy and long your period is and how often you can machine wash the pads.
Our starter set would get you through 2 days on a light to medium period.

What length and flow do I need?

If you use disposables you could measure them and buy a similar size from us.
7, 8, 10, 12 and 13 inch options are available, longer or different are available upon request.  If you don’t use pads currently I would suggest our starter pack, a mix of 10 and 12 inch pads.

I have really heavy periods, are CSP ok to use?

Definitely! In fact many customers say their periods become lighter once they make the switch.  I make an ultra heavy pad with an exposed core of the best quality bamboo fleece available. This ensures your flow soaks away quickly.

Are they gross?

I hear this a lot, and many of my customers tell me how liberating it is to hand rinse the pads out. However if you’re really not fancying doing that you can put them through a cold rinse in the washing machine before a warmer wash.

Fabric options

Our CSP are made from a mixture of fabrics, here’s a breakdown of what each fabric is and does:
For the top layer I only use  cotton (some makers use a man made fibre which can cause sweating)

Flannel/brushed  cotton: these are soft and soak your flow quickly, this fabric is prone to bobble a little and can lose it’s sharp pattern detail (though is still the preferred choice of most of my customers).

Jersey cotton, has a slight stretch, a soft smooth finish and soaks away the flow very quickly.

The inner core is made up of layers of a bamboo and cotton blend, organic when I can source it.  It is very absorbent, naturally antibacterial and I include more layers for heavier flows.

Or you can choose zorb and bamboo layers, zorb is man made fibre which can soak up more than bamboo alone, however it is prone to compression leaks so I pair it with bamboo to avoid this.

Hemp is a more natural option though isn’t as absorbent as bamboo zorb.

You have an option for the back layer; PUL (a waterproof fabric) or polar fleece.

PUL is a laminated fabric, which is soft and flexible but prevents any leaks.   Polar fleece is water repellent and many like the breathable nature of this fabric, though it is thicker than PUL.

Care instructions.

Please soak your pads overnight  (or day) and machine wash before use (unless they have Zorb in them). This ensures the bamboo core is as absorbent as it can be (you may find a couple of washes are needed before your pad is at its best).

Machine (not too hot) or line dry, I’d suggest you don’t dry them on a radiator as it could melt the PUL backing layer.

Be careful with the poppers, they’re going through a few layers of fabric and only need a gentle pull to open, so don’t be heavy handed.

As soon as is possible rinse the used pad in cold water, squeezing it out and rinsing again, the more you rinse it the less chance of staining. You can use a small container and soak the pads until ready to put in the washer.  When you’re out and about don’t worry about rinsing, fold the pad into 3 and fasten the poppers to hold it wrapped up, put into your wet bag and rinse as soon as you’re home.

If your CSP has stained you can use a gentle hand soap or wash liquid/powder on the stained areas and gently rub (not too hard or you’ll cause bobbling). Line drying can also sun bleach out any stains, though with adequate rinsing you shouldn’t have a problem.

Squeeze the excess water out and throw into the washer with a normal load, (30 or 30degrees is recommended) please note NOT to use fabric conditioner, it creates a layer on the fabric, which limits absorbency (and do you want chemicals that close to you?).  You could put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the wash.
Dry (machine or line) and use again.